Sorrento 50 A 49 cc Scooter

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TrailMaster Sorrento 50A

Scooter The Sorrento 50A has a fantastic two tone retro stylish look, matched color rear trunk, high quality chrome review mirror and etc. This model comes with a 50cc (2.95 hp) engine w/ kick and electric start that has a max speed of 51 mph ! Matching rear luggage trunk for books and supplies...this model is perfect for the college kid or for anyone to speed around town! Best of all, it comes with 1 year 10,000 miles engine warranty! Sorrento 50A Gen eral Information • Displacement: 49.6cc • 30 mph max speed • Dimension ((L×W×H)in):75X27.2X44.7 • Wheel base (in): 52.56 • Min. Ground Clearance (in): 6.10 • Net Weight(lbs): 238 • Max HP: 2.95hp/7500 • Start: Kick +Electric start • Ignition: CDI • Max. Speed (m/h):30 • Front Type Size:110/70 - 12 • Rear Type Size:120/70 - 12 • Front brake type: disc type • Rear brake type: drum type Key features: • 1 Year 10,000 miles engine warranty • Stylish two tone retro design • Electric and kick start • Chrome covered headlight • Matched color rear luggage trunk • Front disc brake • Aluminum wheels

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