General sales manager describes the goals and the challenges of maximizing happiness!

Posted by Bryan A Spruk on Apr 21st 2021

General sales manager describes the goals and the challenges of maximizing happiness!

In all the years of observation and evaluation of my self and how I relate to other people there is one thing that I have found.  When you speak from the heart with sincerity and genuinely care about the customer and their experience making money is fun and easy.

You see if you do and or have something of value to another human being, something useful or even simply beautiful, people gladly pay you a fair price and or profit/commission for the transference of the good, service, product and even advice ect.  Why would you ever sell, "Ice Cubes to Eskimos!"  I would sell them the best gloves, boots and coats that I could find for the buck.  I would have millions of happy customers and hopefully turned a nice profit while making all my new friends.  

In todays world there is not a limitless supply of customers.  There is to much competition to not make a friend every chance you get from the guy and his wife down the street to the two quite beautiful people in the civil union down in Arkansas looking to buy a certain type of scooter.  The whale customer that has 4 plants in 3 states and has to have14 golf carts stat.  His people can't get half their work done and they have grown exponentially to the point of bursting into flames if these carts aren't at the job sites by Monday.  He is spending $100,000.00 US Dollars and demanding all the attention an entire team of sales people can give. 

As a new guy on the block or the old school kart-man with his trophies in his garage from the 1970's it is always wise to make the best of the current situation by providing superior service and honesty even when its bad news.